Our place in God’s plan

In yesterday’s reflection on the Feast of Epiphany, Stefan Gigacz noted that the people of God, religious and lay people, shared in the triple ministry of Jesus – priest, prophet and king.    

Today the Church celebrates the Baptism of the Lord. 

The baptism is administered to Jesus by John the Baptist. Imagine an ordinary person baptising Jesus – the beloved Son of God. Ordinary people – like you and me – certainly have a place in God’s plan. 

The baptism is also the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry – the mission in the world to do His Father’s will – to spread the good news and manifest God’s love to all. This is our – yours and mine – mission when we are baptised. In other words, we are baptised to share in the triple ministry of Jesus – priest, prophet and king. 


Do we believe that we have a place in God’s plan? 

Do we sincerely and genuinely believe that we are baptised to share in this triple ministry of Jesus? 

As noted in yesterday’s reflection, can we Serve, Educate and Represent?


If we believe in the above, how might our public ministry look like – how might we act in our ordinary lives? 


Like yesterday’s Act – can we decide on just one activity each week where we will do our best to: 

  • Serve (volunteer our time for a good cause or help a member of the family or friend in need), 
  • Educate (spread the good news – spiritual and temporal – in our family, at work, among our friends, etc.), 
  • Represent (take part, or lead a collective action for an individual or a group in need — perhaps a colleague who is bullied at work needs help ((see comment by Stefan Gigacz about how school leavers are being mistreated)), perhaps there is a local community issue that requires a collective effort, etc.) 


Greg Lopez


Dave Zelenka / Wikipedia