Daniel Esquivel Antero, a lay jocist martyr

Daniel Esquivel Antero was born on 3 January, 1945 in Quyquyó (Republic of Paraguay).

As a teenager, he became a member of the YCW. In February 1970 he emigrated to Buenos Aires in search of steady work, settling in the area of ​​Villa Fiorito, where he worked as a construction worker, a painter, and as an electrician.

Along with other young compatriots, he founded a YCW for Paraguayan Immigrants. Soon after at Easter 1970, he encouraged and promoted the foundation of the Paraguayan Ministry Team in Argentina (PPA).

A biographer wrote of him:

His humble and dignified poverty did not prevent him from sharing what he had and bringing a message of hope to those who needed it. Many times he experienced the pain and embarrassment of destitution or even being assaulted many times, sometimes violently. But nothing dented his daily dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in his devotion to the Virgin of Miracles Caacupé, patron saint of Paraguay, nor in serving the poor and needy.

Daniel lived the last years of his life in the diocese of Lomas de Zamora.

On 1 February, 1977 he was snatched from his home during the violence that engulfed Argentina during that period.

A few days later, the then Bishop, Monsignor Desiderio Collino Elso publicly denounced Daniel’s disappearance in his Lenten pastoral letter read in all parishes and churches in the Diocese of Lomas de Zamora,

We remember Daniel and his dedication to young workers.

Reflection author

Stefan Gigacz


Daniel Esquivel Antero (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)