Australia’s Catholic community

Yesterday’s reflection called for a new Pentecost in Australia.

This new Pentecost will certainly involve Australian Catholics, both as the vessel of the Holy Spirit and also be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

And who is this Australian Catholic community? The “Social Profile of the Catholic Community in Australia, 2021” (National Centre for Pastoral Research, 2023) [pdf]provides a glimpse.

A quick overview. We’re 20% of Australia’s population. Meaning one in every five Australian is a Catholic.

The percentage of Catholics born in non-English speaking countries is steadily increasing, as is Catholics with tertiary education.

The percentage of Catholics in the managerial and professional class is steadily increasing, while those in “blue collar” occupations are steadily decreasing.

Households are changing. Singles, divorced or separated households are in the majority.

The number of Catholics who provide unpaid assistance to a person with disability and Catholics who need help is significant.


Read the Social Profile of the Catholic Community in Australia, 2021.

Who in our Catholic community is in need?

How can we bring a new Pentecost to them?


Can we be like Cardinal Cardijn, who was willing to die for the working class?

Who are we prepared to die for?


What can we do today to be a vessel for the new Pentecost?

By Greg Lopez